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Tips for Restoration

Old is always Gold…… Restoration helps to maintain our OLD GOLD WORTH FOREVER…..

There are property holders who refresh the look of an old home with present day pieces and new auxiliary subtleties. Nonetheless, it's best to remember that re-establishing ancestral homes can be somewhat hectic.

Check the condition of the roof and the foundation

Consult an engineer or architect to see if the foundation is still stable or it it needs reinforcement. The condition of the room is of utmost importance, too! Make sure it's still in good condition to prevent problems—especially during the rainy season.

List down the changes that you need to make

Do you need extra rooms like another toilet or bedroom? Are you planning to build a modern kitchen? It's always better to build around the original and existing structure.


Check if the new materials are compatible with the old materials

Materials used a decade ago vary from the ones available in the present market. Always go for original materials and always double check the structure. For example, if you're planning to use steel trusses, you need to make sure that the existing structure can take up the additional load.

Maintenance is key

On the off chance that the old house is still in great condition, regular maintenance can keep it in tip-top shape. Continuously plan the cleaning and support of your property —for instance, a yearly upkeep of the drains and material will shield dampness on walls and roof.

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